About Your Entertainer / Joker / Clown  Subself

    Do you know someone who loves to entertain other people, tell stories, and make them laugh and cry? Do you do that? If this is com-pulsive or overdone, it may indicate the person is often controlled by a well-meaning Guardian personality subself who may be called the En-tertainer, Joker, or Clown.

    This subself often works with the Socializer, People-pleaser and per-haps the Egotist / Narcissist subselves to get others' interest, approval, and acceptance. These Guardian subselves activate automatically to protect and comfort Shamed, Lost, and/or Abandoned (Lonely) inner children.  Some people have a young Joker / Clown  instead of - or in addition to - a mature Guardian subself.

    When overactive, this subself may distract the host person (i.e. other subselves) from self-awareness and experiencing inner pain.

    Lesson 1 offers ideas and resources to help identify, integrate, and harmonize personality parts like this one under the expert leadership of the resident true Self and other talented Manager subselves.

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