About the Entitled / Jealous One Personality Subself

     Here entitlement means a person believing that they deserve certain attitudes, obedience, respect, permissions, and/or freedoms from other people. Do you know someone who has a strong sense of entitlement? Do you?

     People with little sense of entitlement tend to be passive (unasser-tive) victims and martyrs. Others with an exaggerated sense of entitle-ment can be demanding, aggressive, confrontive, controlling, righteous, intrusive, egotistic, abusive, self-centered, impatient, defiant, and argu-mentative.

     A well-meaning Guardian personality subself that promotes these traits can be called the Entitled One. S/He protects (a) the Shamed Child subself, who feels worthless, powerless, and undeserving; and/or (b) the Guilty Child who feels timid, self-doubtful, and anxious about dar-ing to assert opinions, needs, and personal rights and boundaries.

     In this Web site, Lesson 1 offers effective ways to reduce false-self wounds and harmonize disorganized, distrustful subselves to promote a balanced sense of personal entitlement. Lesson 2 offers practical ways to identify primary needs and assert them effectively in all situations.

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