About the Fatalist / Nihilist  Personality Subself

  Have you ever thought "I don't care," and done something risky, wrong, or harmful? Such thoughts probably come from a well-intentioned personality subself who may be called the Fatalist or Nihilist. Nihil is the Latin word for nothing, as in "nothing really matters."

     This well-meaning Guardian subself aims to protect one or more Inner Kids from major disappointment or discomfort now. A classic example is an addict justifying an unhealthy, comforting drink or hi-calorie snack, and think-ing "It doesn't matter - I'm going to die / lose my job / lose my marriage / get fat / get old... any-way." These faith-based beliefs (vs. deductions) are not subject to reasoning, pleading, or threats. 

      This subself often works with the Addict, (self-medicator),  Magician (who distorts reality), the Skeptic/Doubter (who focuses on the negative), the Cat-astrophizer (who warns of sure disasters), the Daredevil / Risk-taker (who promotes excitement), the Suicider, and the Shamed Child  ("I'm worthless, unlovable, flawed, and don't deserve health and happiness.")

      If they distrust the resident Manager subselves to protect the inner kids and/or the host person, these tireless subselves cause serious self-neglect and socially-harmful thoughts and behaviors Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site aims to identify and harmonize personality subselves like these to in-crease personal satisfaction, wholistic health, and longevity, over time.

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