About the Good (Dutiful) Child Personality Subself

     Survivors of major childhood neglect may have developed a "Good (Dutiful, Responsible) Child" personality subself. S/He ceaselessly tries to please parents and other key adults to be ac-cepted and avoid agonizing rejection.

    This powerful Inner Child can join an Abandoned Child and/or Lost (Orphan) Child and their Guardian subselves in controlling the host-person's personality. A common related Guardian subself is the People-pleaser, who ceaselessly seeks social approval and acceptance to avoid the agonies of rejection, shame, and isola-tion.

   Overactive combinations of these subselves can promote self-neglect (self abandonment) - i.e. ignoring or discounting current needs to please (be accepted by) other people. This can be a ma-jor cause of illness and codependence ("relationship addiction").

    Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides perspective and op-tions for harmonizing personalities under the wise guidance of the resident true Self and other talented Manager subselves.

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