About the Hurt / Resentful Child Personality Subself

    How often did you feel hurt by someone's behavior when you were young? This reaction comes from feeling scorned, disrespec-ted, used, abandoned, and/or misunderstood. Common responses are anger and aggression, "numbing out," denial, submission, and/ or withdrawal. Does that match your experience?

    A companion response is feeling resentful - "I don't deserve to be treated this way!"

    All children and most (all?) adults have a sensitive Inner Child who reacts to perceived disrespect by causing feelings of hurt and resentment, and related thoughts.

    If the host person is guided by their resident true Self and can communicate effectively, this can lead to useful problem solving. If a false self controls the hurt person and/or s/he can't communicate effectively, this is apt to cause revenge ("I'll hurt you back!"), fight-ing, and/or avoidances. Which of these fits you best?

    self-improvement Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides an effec-tive way to understand, nurture, and harmonize normal personality subselves like your valuable Hurt / Resentful Child. 

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