About the Jealous / Envious Personality Subself

   Do you know anyone who is notably envious or jealous? Are you? In modera-tion, these useful emotions signal unfilled needs. In excess, they are significant personal and social stressors.

   Excessively jealous adults and kids are usually wounded, insecure survivors of a low-nurturance childhood, who are dominated at times by several well-meaning subselves - a self-centered (often shamed) inner child, an Entitled/Greedy One, a Competitor, and another well-meaning Guardian subself who constantly com-pares their lives to other people and causes intense thoughts and feelings of en-vy, resentment, possessiveness, and jealousy.

   These normal subselves haven't learned to trust the resident true Self or a car-ing Higher Power to help create a sense of self-worth, pride, and security. They often equate "nice things," wealth, power, and "good looks" with "success" and personal worthiness. This is specially likely if one or more of their adult caregi-vers is/was wounded and ruled by similar subselves.

   self-improvement Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Website provides an effective way to re-balance personality subselves under the expert leadership of the true Self and other Manager subselves. As personal security, self respect, and self-love in-crease, excessive envy and jealousy can recede to normal levels.

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