About the "Judge / Bigot" Personality Subself

     Do you know anyone who is rigidly, righteously judgmental of, and/ or bigoted (prejudiced) about, some other people? Such people are usually controlled by several well-meaning personality subselves like the Judge / Bigot, Magician, Entitled One, Controller, and the Ego-tist / Narcissist.

     Guardian subselves like these activate when one or more Inner Kids are upset or in pain. Frequently the Shamed Child, the Lost Child, and the Abandoned Child activate one or more of these protec-tive subselves. Shame-based (wounded) people often try to offset their low self-respect by righteously finding major faults with some or all other people - specially those who don't accept or agree with their bi-ases and prejudices.

     Typical people controlled by a Judge / Bigot subself survived a low-nurturance childhood by developing a dominant false self and related psychological wounds. Some such people have an "all-purpose" Critic / Judge subself who scorns the host person and other people. Others develop separate Inner Critic and Judge / Bigot subselves.

     Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site offers effective strategies to empower your true Self, identify and reduce psychological wounds, and harmonize your team of talented subselves. As this happens, exces-sive bigotry, intolerance, and prejudices can shift toward genuine com-passion, nurturing spirituality, acceptance of our inevitable human dif-ferences, and personal serenity.

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