About the Liar / Con / Cheat Personality Subself

    Premises: adults and kids lie when they feel telling the truth isn't safe. To survive, typical young children raised in low-nurturance families develop an array of personality subselves. Among them are a reactive Shamed Child, Guilty Child, and Scared Child, and several devoted Guardian subselves who try to soothe and protect them from pain. One of the most common of these can be called the Liar, Con, Cheat, or Sneak.

    This well-meaning subself works with others like the Magician and People-pleaser to distort reality (e.g. lie or deny) and make that seem OK. Some-times a talented Victim or Blamer subself adds convincing reasons why somebody else "made me lie" (so it's not my fault). From this view, "com-pulsive liars" are not bad or weak, they're fear-based adults or kids who aren't aware that (a) a protective false self rules them, and (b) they're trying to sur-vive unsafe social environments. If someone lies "too much," are you making it unsafe for them to tell you their truth?

    self-improvement Lesson 1 (a) connects the Nurturer subself to the Inner Kids (b) retrains young and Guardian subselves to trust the true Self and a benign Higher Power to keep them safe; and (c) promotes personal rights and integ-rity. As this happens, the needs to lie, cheat, and con people are re-placed by awareness, respectful assertion, ("I don't feel safe telling you the truth be-cause you usually scorn and criticize me, discount my needs, and then deny doing that.") and increasing honesty with little anxiety.               More detail