About the Loner / Recluse / Hermit Personality Subself

    Most people need balanced social companionship and solitude. Some kids and adults obsessively avoid social contacts and "keep to themsel-ves." Possible reasons for this are their human environment (like an abu-sive or chaotic household) stresses them, and/or their ruling personality subselves feel major shame, guilt, sadness, alienation, loneliness, and/ or anxiety around some or all other people.

    When either or both conditions are true, a devoted Guardian subself may disable the resident  true Self to protect one or more Inner Children. This well-meaning Loner subself may insist that solitude and self-reli-ance is safer than filling other subselves' competing needs for friendship, love, support, and social belonging.

    Typical reclusive kids and adults are survivors of low-nurturance child-hoods, and are wounded and unaware of how to heal and fill their social needs effectively. Lesson 1 in this non-profit Web site offers perspective, options, and resources to help motivated people reduce their wounds effectively and live more comfortably in society.                  More detail