About the Observer Personality Subself

    Premise - observe means to "note what's happening calmly, factual-ly, and objectively." The opposite of observant is self-focused, unaware, and/or distracted. Survivors of low-nurturance early childhoods often de-velop a personality subself whose specialty is observing without bias, like a scientist or media reporter. "Meditation" aims to quiet other sub-selves and become conscious of the Observer's perceptions.

    Other subselves like the Analyzer, Perfectionist, Pleaser, and Critic use the Observer's reports to guard young subselves from perceived dangers like scorn, rejection, criticism, intrusion, loss, and abandon-ment. When free to do so, the resident true Self uses information from the Observer and other Manager subselves to help make wise short-term and long-term decisions.

    A prized state of being is balanced awareness - observing the inner and outer environments "enough," so the person is not flooded with too much information, or deprived of enough accurate information about "what's happening now."  Lesson 1 promotes balanced awareness and harmony among all subselves, under the wise guidance of the true Self and a Spiritual subself and/or Higher Power.                      More detail