About the Organizer /  Planner Personality Subself

     Do you know someone you feel is "always very organized"? Are you? Some people are blessed with a Manager personality subself whose ta-lent is to prioritize and arrange physical and abstract things in useful order. This is different than a Guardian subself who is rigidly compulsive about "neatness, cleanliness, and order." The Organizer can help work with the Adult + Analyzer + Doer / Achiever + the true Self to devise and carry out effective plans to succeed at short and long-term goals.

   The talent and energy of the Organizer / Planner subself may be local-ly or chronically overcome by other activated subselves like the Lost / Confused Child + the Scared / Anxious child + the Catastrophizer + the Worrier + the Cynic / Pessimist. So to say "S/He is (or 'I am...') disor-ganized" may really mean "S/He is ('I am') controlled by a false self that disables their / my Manager subselves."

    Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site offers options for (a) meeting your subselves and (b) empowering your Self (capital "S") to guide and har-monize them, and coordinate their talents to achieve your life purpose/s. Your Organizer / Planner subself can be a great help in doing this!

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