About the Overwhelmed Child Personality Subself

    Most kids and adults experience moments or periods of "overwhelm" - feeling disoriented, flooded with feelings and thoughts, paralyzed, and inarticulate. Such episodes my be triggered by individual traumatic events or a series of stressors that become "too much" to understand, sort out and manage.

    Feeling this way usually happens when an Overwhelmed Inner Child activates because of input from, Pessimist, Rcaller, and/or Catastrophizer subselves who are reacting to some past, current, or forecasted stressor. This Child also becomes flooded and paralyzed if several other Inner Kids activate - e.g. the Scared, Rageful, Guilty, Lost, and Shamed Kids.

    The Overwhelmed Child usually lives in the past, and doesn't feel protected external people or by the resident Nurturer and true Sell Patient parts work can bring this Child to live in the present under the ongoing care of the host person's devoted Manager subselves.  close