About Your Predictor Personality Subself

     Have you ever found yourself analyzing and forecasting what another person was thinking, feeling, and/or about to do? If chronic or obsessive, this is probably caused by an attentive Guardian subself seeking to protect Inner Kids from stressful surprises and conflicts.

      This subself may work in tandem with the People Pleaser, who strives to avoid social disapproval, conflict, scorn, and rejection.

    If moderately (vs. obsessively) active, and if willing to advise the true Self and then let her or him lead, the Predictor is helpful in guiding interpersonal relations. Prediction becomes a stressor if it often causes anxiety (worry), resentment, or defensiveness. A related problem is other Guardians or Inner Kids activating on unverified assumptions about another person.

    Note that empathy is objectively sensing another person's emotions and needs, but it stops short of predicting what the other person will do.