About the Rageful Child Personality Subself

    Do you know a child or adult who seems perpetually sullen, surly, defiant, reactive, and/or explosively angry despite painful consequences? S/He may be often controlled by a common personality subself that can be called the "Rageful Child." Typical Inner Children (plural) know little of the world, often have unrealistic expectations, are easily frustrated, and cause primal emo-tions in the host person when activated.

    An overactive Rageful Child subself can unintentionally cause their own stress by alienating, offending, frustrating, and/or intimidating other people and subselves. An overactive Rageful Child usually indicates (a) a low-nurturance environment, (b) wounded, unaware caregivers, and (c) possible hormonal imbalances. The emotional intensity and disruptive behaviors of this young subself can frighten other people and subselves (e.g. the Scared Child), and cause them to avoid triggering it. This and other factors can promote a fear-based personality and toxic personal and family anger policies .

    The Rageful Child can ally with a Rebellious / Defiant Child, a Selfish ('Egotistical') Child, and some Guardian subselves like the Warrior / Amazon, Entitled One, Magician, and Abuser to create situational feelings of power and security, and protect scared Inner Children. In an anti-grief environment, this subself can help the host person by expressing repressed anger related to major losses (broken bonds).

    Lesson 1 in this non-profit Web site offers perspective, options, and re-sources to soothe and protect Inner Children, harmonize all subselves, and help reduce these personal and family stressors.