About the Replayer / Repeater Personality Subself

    Most kids and adults recall pleasurable and (some) painful events. This can become a significant stressor if the Guardian subself causing the recalls focuses obsessively on painful catastrophes, blunders, losses, and failures.      

    "Recall stress" (guilt + shame + sadness + regret) can be amplified if the Replayer triggers the Worrier, Doubter, and/or Catastrophize subselves. Each time they activate, these well-intentioned subselves cause pain for the Hurt, Scared,, Guilty, Shamed, and Overwhelmed Inner Children.

    Extreme recalls are called "flashbacks," where the person "relives" a highly traumatic event (like sexual abuse and wartime violence )with all their senses, as though it's actually happening again. Such recalls are self-amplifying, until they're stopped.

    Patient Inner-family (IFS) therapy can get the Replayer to trust the true Self to protect all Inner Kids, so the Guardian can relax and stop repeating or assume a new role. close