About Your Represser / Stuffer Subself

    Young kids subjected to significant abandonment, neglect, and abuse (trauma) learn to protect themselves by (unconsciously) numbing or repressing ("stuffing") some or most emotions. They develop a protective Guardian subself to do this whenever they feel major fear, guilt, shame, worry, rage, sorrow, or loneliness.

    Most such kids bring this Guardian (and others) into adulthood, causing them to be "flat" (unemotional), phony (pretending to feel), and "over-intellectual." This usually stresses relationships, blocks love and intimacy, and degrades interpersonal communication, until the GWC recognizes this and works to protect their Inner Kids, retrain various Guardians - including the Numb-er.- and to free their true Self to guide them. Lesson 1 shows how t5o do this.   close