About the Sad Child Personality Subself

     Moderate sadness is a healthy response to losses and accepting painful realities. All personality subselves can feel sad at times. An Inner Child may carry your major sadness from various experiences - specially those in childhood. Affirming this Sad Child's feelings and en-couraging her or him (and other subselves) to admit and express sad-ness fully is a vital part of healthy grief.

    Because sadness is uncomfortable for the host person and some supporters and may distract from daily activities, many people repress, ignore, or numb their Sad Child. This promotes blocked grief, which can promote many personal and relationship problems. Each of us grows an unspoken ''policy''  (shoulds, ought to's, have to's, can-nots, and musts) about if, when, and how to allow our Sad Child to express - alone and in public. Our policies range between wholistically-healthy to toxic. Can you describe your "sadness policy" out loud now?

     self-improvement Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides effective ways to meet, affirm, nurture, and comfort your Sad Child/ren. Lesson 3 provides perspective on, and requisites for, healthy grief - including ways to stop your other well-meaning subselves from muting, discoun-ting, ignoring, scorning, and repressing your valuable Sad Child.

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