About Your Sensual / Sexual Personality Subself

    A powerful subself in normal kids' and adults' personalities provides the gift of sensual / sexual urges, feelings, and thoughts. Development-ally, this subself may be a teen or an adult - and some people may have both. The Sensual / Sexual subself interacts with hormonal and other physical functions, often in concert with the Fantasizer / Dreamer and Adult Woman / Man subselves.

     If the host person's subselves (specially inner kids) experience major chronic pain, the Sexual / Sexual subself can team up with a dedicated Addict / Comforter and/or Whore/Stud Guardian subselves to cause distracting (self-medicating) sexual and other obsessions and compul-sions. Paradoxically, this may add stress for the Shamed and Guilty inner kids - specially if the Inner Critic, Liar / Con, Moralizer, and Magi-cian are all active.

     From early sexual trauma, some people numb out the Sensual / Sexual subself to prevent repeating the agony. Other people can feel little or no sexual desire if they are significantly afraid, resentful, scorn-ful, distrustful, and/or angry with their (or any) partner. Various adult-child sexual behaviors may be caused by an overactive lusty teen or preteen and some Guardian subselves who disable the wise, resident  true Self and ignore the Moralizer's and Adult's protests.

     Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site offers an effective framework for understanding, meeting, and harmonizing all subselves. Among other benefits, this can help achieve and keep a healthy balanced enjoyment of the gifts the Sensual / Sexual subself wants to provide. 

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