About Personality Subselves and Spirituality

     Can you define spirituality to an average teenager? Here it means "believing in and interacting with one or more invisible powers or beings in a way that influ-ences emotions, decisions, and behavior." Normal personalities seem to be com-posed of three functional groups of subselves: Managers, Inner Kids,  and their tireless Guardian subselves. Beliefs vary as to whether normal personalities in-clude a spiritual subself who represents a benign, responsive Higher Power - the "still, small voice within." Some label this part "the indwelling Christ," "the Christ within," and "the Holy Spirit."

      Each person chooses whether to believe in spiritual powers and how to in-teract with them. Some feel that we each have an immortal Soul who interacts with - or is part of - God, which may or may not be the same as our true Self. Others believe in Guardian Angels, Spirit Councils, Watchers, and Higher Selves, which may manifest as a personality "subself."

      Premise - true recovery from false-self wounds from early-childhood neglect and abuse seems to require (a) steady spiritual faith, (b) growing spiritual aware-ness, and (c) a way to communicate with a or the responsive Higher Power, Cre-ator, or Supreme Being - e.g. by meditation and/or prayer. Part of full recovery involves evaluating whether a Manager subself specializes in transmitting the loving guidance from a Higher Power, Angels, and/or Guides to other subselves. Do you believe that all people have a wise spiritual subself who inspires, encour-ages, and guides them if they quiet their other subselves' chatter and listen? 

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