About the "Suicider" Personality Subself

     Suicide has occurred in all ages and cultures. Suicidal thoughts may come from a well-meaning Guardian personality subself which is dedicated to ending extreme or ceaseless physical and inner pain.

       When triggered, the Suicider subself proposes the ultimate release from unbearable agony and hopelessness when all other options seem useless. Most (all?) other subselves want to live, and will try to block this subself's behaviors. A common manifestation of this inner conflict is suicide attempts that "fail."

    Other subselves like the Catastrophizer, Shamed Child, Guilty Child, Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Saboteur, and Pessimist  may promote the perception that there are no other viable alternatives. Because the urge to reduce cease-less agony is visceral, not rational, trying to reason with a person controlled by the Suicidal subself is often disrespectful and pointless. If the person is guided by their true Self and believes in a Higher Power, they may be open to other options.

    These can include seeking the help of non-profit organizations like Compassion and Choices or Final Exit, and/or a local suicide hot line. Another is to respectfully explore the probable impacts of suicide on people the host person is close to. Lesson 1 in this non-profit Web site offers effective ways to meet and harmonize personality subselves.

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