About the Survivor Personality Subself

     Do you know someone who has managed courageously to live a productive life despite some major physical disability or loss? Some people with such burdens lose their will to live or become hopeless and live in despair and depression.. Others adapt to their limitations or trauma and live productive, purposeful lives.

     A personality subself who may be called the Survivor may ex-plain the latter. Its talent is to provide the steady will to live despite any hardship. The Survivor may partner with Spiritual and Adult sub-selves and the resident true Self. Kids who survive a low-nurturance) childhood automatically develop a Survivor and other dedicated Guardian subselves. Other teens or adults become dominated by a Whiner, Lost Child, Pessimist, Addict, Catastrophizer, or a Suicider subself who provides a way to end intolerable daily pain.

     Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides a way to meet and harmonize your talented subselves under the wise leadership of your Self (capital "S") and caring Higher Power. Do you have a Survivor subself helping you through your traumas?

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