About the Warrior / Amazon  Personality Subself

        A primal animal response to perceived danger is "fight or flight." People who "fight" are often locally directed by a passionate, narrow-viewed personality subself who can be called the Warrior or Amazon.  What do you associate with each of those ancient terms?

        Common associations are combat, aggressiveness, zeal, and fighting. Would you agree that warriors and Amazons can range from destruction (offen-se) to protection (defense)?  Zen Buddhists and others propose the paradoxic role of a Peaceful Warrior. The inner-family systems concept proposes that Warrior / Amazon subselves are always defensive tho they may act aggres-sively and harshly in threatening situations.

        The Warrior / Amazon subself is dedicated to protecting one or more up-set or vulnerable Inner Children. When this Guardian subself activates, it indica-tes that s/he doesn't yet trust the Manager subselves - specially the true Self - to adequately protect the young subselves from harm. The Warrior / Amazon may act alone or ally with other well-meaning subselves like the Rebel, Rager, and Controller to establish local safety and comfort.

        As wounded survivors of low-nurturance childhoods empower their true Self to harmonize and lead their other subselves, typical Warrior / Amazon subselves will be increasingly open to adopting a new personality role. Lesson 1 here offers effective options for improving subselves' teamwork over time.

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