Typical Primary-partner Needs 

    "In our relationship, I need to feel genuinely and steadily loved - i.e. to feelů

●  special to, and prized by you among all your other relationships and priorities;

●  needed emotionally and physically by you, but not over-needed (codependence);

●  respected and appreciated by you;

●  liked and enjoyed by you, often enough;

●  heard empathically (vs. agreed with) by you, often enough;

●  trusted with your deepest current dreams, fears, shames, doubts, and joys;

●  I need to trust that you'll always tell me your truth, and...

●  companioned by you, as we co-create an interesting, growthful life together;

●  accepted by you, with all my priorities, wounds, needs, and limitations;

●  encouraged by you to free my true Self and discover my life purpose

●  separate enough from you, so I can have my own friends, activities, goals, and identity."

     When one or both partners don't get enough of these needs filled often enough, their relationship decays. Lessons 1 thru 4 here offer practical ways mates can fill their primary-relationship needs despite significant problems.

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