Typical Primary Needs

    Premises - All human behavior is driven by needs (discomforts). Most people try to reduce surface needs, because they're unaware of the primary discomforts that cause them. Typical primary needs include feeling...

● inherently worthy, lovable, and loved

● accepted and respected by key peo-   ple

● free to make personal life decisions

● free to assert personal opinions and    needs and be heard

●  free to develop personal spirituality

●  freedom to learn and grow

●  free to seek, evaluate, and accept     help

●  free to learn about and enjoy the     world

 safe from pain, loss, and overwhelm

●  competent and confident at life tasks

●  realistic hope for filling key needs

●  aware of current needs and feelings

●  free to seek, receive, and give love

●  free to fill current physical needs, in-    cluding sensual pleasure and release

●  free to conceive and nurture kids

●  free to balance work, play, and rest

●  free to choose how to use time, ta-    lents, and personal energy

●  free to explore and create

      The learnable skills of awareness and digging-down (below surface needs) help to discern current primary needs. Five other skills help to fill them well.