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Updated 01-19-2015

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      This ad-free, educational Web site is for people who take their lives seriously - specially those caring for minor kids (or plan to). A quick test to determine if you are such a person - have you identified your life-purpose yet, or are you seriously seeking it? If "not yet," this self-improvement course may be of little use to you now. Either way, invest one minute in the inspirational video "The Dash" - it's about you and your life.

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      This brief YouTube video previews what you'll read in this site-introduction:

    This educational Web site exists to alert you to a widespread personal and family stressor - [psychological wounds + unawareness] that silently passes down the generations and is weakening most (all?) cultures. This inheritance promotes social problems like abuse, neglect, divorce, crime, abortions, addictions, bigotry, "mental illness," runaways, terrorism, gangs, homelessness, obesity, depression, suicide, bankruptcy, and murder. Have any of these affected your family?

      Based on 36 years' clinical experience and study, this nonprofit site offers you a free 7-Lesson self-improvement course on how to understand and break this lethal inheritance and reduce major personal, marital, and family problems. Average adults are unaware of this cycle and its toxic effects. Are you aware of them?

What Does "Break the Cycle" Mean

      The "cycle" is this: psychologically-wounded, unaware parents raise wounded, unaware kids. They grow up, choose wounded, unaware partners, and raise wounded, unaware kids - who repeat and spread the cycle and its effects in their society. For more detail, read this after you finish here.

      To break this cycle, adults like you must want to...

  • learn about and accept the cycle, starting with their own family tree;

  • assess, admit, and reduce their psychological wounds;

  • learn the basics in this online course - alone or with other people;

  • choose a wholistically-healthy, informed partner; and you must want to...

  • patiently evolve a high-nurturance family together over many years, despite many obstacles, in order to raise "Grown Nurtured Children" (GNCs). GNCs...

    • are steadily guided by their true Selves in all situations; and...

    • know how to communicate and grieve effectively; and how to make healthy relationship, conception, and parenting choices, and...

    • are apt to discover and pursue a useful life purpose.

      In my experience as a professional family-systems therapist since 1981 - average adults have inherited the cycle and it's effects, and are unconsciously passing them on. They (you?) are Grown Wounded Children (GWCs) - and they don't (want to) know that or what it means

    From the international feedback to the 180 YouTube videos augmenting this Web site, it seems that adults in most or all other cultures inherit and pass on this lethal cycle also.

      To see if inherited psychological wounds + unawareness are harming you and your family members, read this summary article and return here. If they are harming your family - who should stop that?

What's in this Web Site?

      The site is composed of seven sequential self-study Lessons for all lay and professional adults and older teens: These lessons are specially useful for young couples and parents. These are the Lessons:

1) Assess for psychological wounds and reduce any you find using "parts work" to. free your wise resident true Self.

2) Learn effective thinking and communicating skills

3) An overview of bonding, losses (broken bonds), and healthy three-level grief

4) Learn how to optimize your human relationships

5) Learn how to evolve a satisfying high-nurturance family

6) Learn how to parent (nurture) kids and teens effectively

7) Learn how to evolve and maintain a high-nurturance stepfamily


      Each lesson begins and ends with a quiz on that topic to help you see what you know and what you need to learn. There are NO ads in this non-profit, non-denominational site For more detail on these Lessons and links to them, see this course outline after you finish here.

      Three guidebooks are available in print and e-book format, covering Lessons 1, 2, and most of Lesson 7. These Web pages can be cited, printed, and distributed with appropriate credits.

      This site also includes...

      Over 180 brief YouTube videos to preview and outline key articles and concepts. Most of these videos are embedded in articles in the seven online lessons. These videos augment, but don't replace, the 7 lessons.

    The free video conversion program at turns a video soundtrack into a downloadable mp3 file so you can listen to it on any compatible device anywhere.

      Muchas Gracias! to Ms. Angels Angles Comprubi for translating the lesson 1 videos into Spanish. Find her work in the "angelsdam" YouTube channel.

      And this Web site features...

.     A glossary of the terms used here, and...

      Q&A Articles and quizzes on most topics,

      Research summaries that support the premises in this site;


      Selected resources, including

      We just review1ed the contents of this ad-free non-profit educational Web site. Now learn how to best use the site:

Suggestions on Using this Self-study Course

  • Make freeing your true Self (Lesson 1) your highest ongoing priority. That will maximize your return for investing time and energy in this unique self-improvement course. Consider joining the free, private FaceBook group of other Lesson-1 students from around the world..

  • Keep a long-range perspective (e.g. the rest of your life) and the open mind of a student. Many ideas here will differ from what you've been taught. Experiment with them, rather than pre-judging.

  • Do not expect these ideas and tools to resolve any crises immediately - take your time!.

  • Avoid using these ideas as absolutes. Sense the themes underlying them, and adapt them to fit your unique personality, style, experience, and circumstances.

  • Keep these ageless guidelines in mind as you grow and heal.

  • To benefit from this self-improvement course...

    • Follow the directions at the top of each page: click underlined links after finishing the current article  to avoid getting lost. If you do get lost, click the "prior page" link at the top or bottom of each page.

    • complete each lesson at your own pace. The 7 lessons build on each other, so study them in order. Treat this learning as you would a sequence of college courses. The more you learn, the more all topics will make integrated sense to you.

    • learn to use each lesson's link-index and/or the site-search link (top of every page) to quickly locate important articles and resources. The indices can be found at,linksx.htm, where "x" is the lesson number. For example, here's the link index for Lesson 1:

    • Option: print each lesson and check off each completed "assignment" to keep track of your progress.

    • As you study. apply your learnings to any significant personal and family problems, starting with freeing your true Self and improving your communication effectiveness.

  • Identify any specific questions you seek to answer here. Option: keep a log or journal of your questions, thoughts, awarenesses, and feelings, as you explore this site and its guidebooks.

  • These articles are designed to be viewed with the Internet Explorer browser. They require your browser to support Javascript in order to see the informational popups in each article. If you have trouble viewing these pages, try this browser, enable Javascsript, and turn off the popup blocker.

  • If you find the site useful, please let others know about the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and

      View the knowledge in this whole Web site as a stained-glass window. Each linked article, popup, and exercise is a pane. The more "panes" you study, the clearer the whole "window" will become.


      This introduction describes the purposes of this nonprofit ad-free Web site, the site contents, and how to get the most from using it,

      Pause, breathe, and reflect - why did you read this article? Did you get what you needed? If not, what do you need? Who's answering these questions - your true Self, or someone else?



NEXT - read the premises underlying this self-improvement course.

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