Seven self-improvement Lessons

Research Summaries Supporting Premises
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By Peter K. Gerlach, MSW


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    This is an index to research summaries that support key premises in this Website. From 36 years' clinical observation and research, I propose that many or most U.S. adults and kids are stressed by a toxic inherited cycle of [unawareness + psychological wounds.]

      I further proposes that...

  • most personal, family, and social stressors like obesity, depression, homelessness, crime, abuse, divorce, abortions, gangs, and addictions and some (many?) illnesses are promoted by this cycle.

  • neglect and abuse by wounded, unaware parents promotes psychological wounds in young kids; and...

  • one of six epidemic psychological wounds is reality distortion - e.g. minimizing and denying. The wounded, unaware American public needs to deny epidemic ineffective parenting and its wide-spread toxic effects, so there is no call for...

    • research to validate this [wounds + unawareness] cycle and its epidemic effects and costs, or...

    • meaningful legislation to (a) educate parents on the cycle and to (b) regulate childcare and reduce neglect.

      The independent research summaries below validate many of these premises, and demonstrate the current inability of respectable researchers and the media to understand and accept the cycle and its toxic impacts on persons, families, and our society. All summaries are taken verbatim from Yahoo online news digests, which reaches millions of people globally.

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Recent Research Summaries and Media Articles

The summaries are grouped by seven self-improvement Lessons in this site.

LESSON 1 - Reducing Psychological Wounds

      These selected research reports support the premise that the unseen [wounds + unawareness] cycle is spreading and degrading the wholistic health of typical families and societies.

Grown Wounded Children (GWCs)

A rich source of research on early-childhood trauma can be found at the ACES (Adverse Childhood Events Study) Web site

Excessive Shame and Related Self-neglect

Addiction - (Self-medication of Inner Pain)

Excessive Emotions

Media Unawareness

Wound Reduction (Recovery)

LESSON 2 - Learn to think and communicate effectively

      In several years' of science-news watching, I have found almost no meaningful research reports on this vital topic. Implications (a) researchers don't see communication as an important topic, and/or (b) media science writers and editors don't see value in reporting such research.

Perspective: Over 80% of site visitors who respond to this poll say they are "extremely interested" in learning to communicate more effectively. Does that describe you?

LESSON 3 - Evolve a pro-grief family

LESSON 4 - optimize your relationships

LESSONS 5 and 6 - High-nurturance Families
 and Effective Parenting

Pause and notice what your subselves are saying now. Did you get what you needed from reading this article? If not, what do you need? Who's answering these questions - your wise true Self, or ''someone else''?


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Updated June 02, 2015