Opportunities for Clergy and Church Officials

Many pious people rely on the wisdom and spiritual leadership of clergy and lay ministers to help them through stressful times. They seek help to understand their troubles and reduce them with spiritual and lay help.

Clergy of all faiths already have the trust and respect of people who revere Holy Scripture. This suggests that if clergy educates them on the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and how it affects their lives, people will be specially receptive to ideas about how to break the cycle in their lives and families. Clergy has special opportunity to use their ministry to raise community and denominational aware-ness of personality subselves and the seven core topics covered by this self-study course.

An inevitable challenge for clergy is whether to preach "God heals all wounds," or to encourage Grown Wounded Children (GWCs) to do some form of "parts work" to reduce their wounds. If ordained wo-men and men use parts work in their own lives, they can speak with authority on the process and benefits of doing so.

Another opportunity for clergy is to help atheists and agnostics who are trying to recover to grow their spiritual awareness and faith. Many recoverers say that true (vs. pseudo) recovery is not possible without turning traumes over to their Higher Power.