Opportunities for Consultants

Professional consultants assist people and groups to achieve their goals by strategically adding special expertise. Clients are motivated to listen to consultants, so they have a unique opportu-nity to raise clients' awareness of the [wounds + unawareness] cy-cle and its effects. Any consultant's expertise can be significantly enhanced if s/he knows the topics in this course and wants to in-clude them in their work.

No matter what their project, most clients will be interested to learn how their personality subselves can hinder or promote suc-cess in their homes and ventures.

Consultants will be most motivated to weave these topics into their work if they are guided by their true Self and have personally experienced the benefits of Lesson 1 (free your true Self to guide your personality) and Lesson 2 (learn seven powerful communica-tion skills).

Half of the lethal [wounds + unawareness] cycle is ignorance - lack of knowledge. Professional consultants are in a unique and vital position to help people become aware and break the cycle in their families and organizations!