Opportunities for Executives

Organizational executives, supervisors, and administrators cre-ate and apply the policies that govern a group's conduct. Execu-tives at all levels - corporate, local, state, national, and international - have a rare opportunity to alert the people they manage to the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and how it affects them personally, and organizationally.

Premise - organizations led by people who are guided by their true Selves (Lesson 1), and who know about effective communica-tion (Lesson 2) and healthy relationships (Lesson 4), are apt to outperform organizations led by unaware (GWCs) in denial.

This premise suggests that top executives and policy makers have the moral responsibility to assess themselves for false self wounds and reduce any they find - and then alert their employees at all levels, and facilitate their doing the same.

It also suggests that top executives have the major opportunity to benefit their funders, employees, and customers by promoting awareness of the topics in this essential course.