Opportunities for Legislators (All Levels)

The people who draft, debate, and pass local, state, and federal laws have an unparalleled opportunity to alert people in their jurisdic-tions to the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and its toxic effects. More to the point, they can mandate that people must learn about these, and learn how to protect the next generation from these effects.

Premise - a high majority of average Americans are Grown Woun-ded Children (GWCs), raised by wounded, unaware caregivers. The evidence is everywhere if you know what to look for.

Legislators hold the power for the greatest defense against un-wise marriages and unqualified child conceptions. They could require engaged couples to demonstrate that they (a) understood the [wounds + unawareness] cycle, and (b) had assessed for psycho-logical wounds and were committed to effective personal recovery.

Legislators could also mandate that people demonstrate they were able to nurture a child adequately, or impose some meaningful sanctions. The social and economic costs of not having these re-quirements (the current U.S. norm) is beyond meaningful estimation. It amounts to tacitly promoting nation-wide child abuse.