Opportunities for Media Professionals

"Media" includes TV, Internet, radio, magazines and journals, vi-deos, newspapers, and e-zines. "Professionals" includes authors, reporters, producers, editors, creative directors, commentators, columnists, sponsors, critics, and their teachers and employers.

The Information Age is impacting people around the world. They have unprecedented access to ideas, pictures, and data, and opin-ions. The people who create and manage this content have a unique opportunity to raise their audiences' awareness on vital to-pics like these.

Media pros have a moral choice to make: provide what their au-diences want (entertainment and stimulation) or what they need (accurate information and guidance). Presently, capitalism and he-donism seem to favor the former.

Premise - if you're a media professional, you're morally obligated to alert your audience to the [wounds + unawareness] cycle, its toxic effects, and how to break it. Your ability to reach thousands or mil-lions of people can be a profound deterrent to the cycle's inexora-ble spread. You'll gain motivation and authority to do this if you as-sess the cycle's impacts on yourself and your family first. Lesson 1 here shows you how.