About Communication-need Conflicts

     Kids and adults communicate to reduce up to six concurrent needs (discomforts). Each person needs to feel respected enough and one or more other needs. These needs vary dynamically, and may match (OK or ?) or conflict (X). If they conflict, the odds for effective communication plummet. Mutual awareness of these needs can help partners fill them and the primary needs that cause them - if their true Selves guide their personalities.

I need to

vent (be
give and/or get info cause

YOU need to

 vent (be heard) X OK? X X ?
give / get info OK? OK? X ? ?
cause action X X ? ? ?
end boredom X ? ? OK ?
avoid pain ? ? ? ? ?

    Use seven Lesson-2 skills to harmonize and fill your and your part-ners' communication needs!                              video / more detail