What is "Qualified Professional Help"?

        Healing psychological wounds and building high-nurturance family relationships usually require qualified professional help along the way. In my experience, typical unaware wounded adults don't know how to identify counselors and therapists who are competent to help in false-self wound-recovery and to resolve common relation-ship stressors.

        Before shopping for a clinician, invest time in studying this free Break the Cycle! self-improvement course. See if it helps you identi-fy specifically what you're seeking help with. Then use your expan-ded knowledge to interview counselors, attorneys, clergy, and other professional helpers to judge if (a) they're guided by their true Self, and (b) know enough about the topics in this course.

        Doing this protects against following uninformed advice and wasting your time and money. Shame-based adults often feel un-qualified to question and evaluate human-service professionals like they do tradespeople, accountants, and mechanics. True Selves know better. If you're in a stepfamily, see this.

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