About First and Second-order Changes

     Premise - to solve chronic problems (unmet needs), people ruled by false selves often make temporary "first-order" changes (e.g. follow a fad diet) - and the problem/s (e.g. excess pounds) recur. This is because the person 's ruling subselves didn't change their basic priorities or attitudes, just superficial be-haviors. These can be called "changeless changes."

     Second-order (permanent) changes occur when the person's ruling sub-selves agree to shift a basic attitude, value, goal, or priority - e.g. "I'm going to find a better way than using chemicals to numb my inner pain."

     People hire professional clinicians to help them change something - usu-ally permanently. Most lay people and clinicians are unaware of their sub-selves, and how they can (a) promote the need to change, and (b) hinder making desired changes that last.

     Effective clinical service is more likely if the clinician (a) is guided by her or his true Self, (b) accepts personality subselves and (c) educates clients on them and on first and second order changes, and which subselves make them. Some form of "parts work" can help clinicians and clients succeed at that together.  

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