Opportunities for Mental Health Professionals

This Web site proposes that most "mental health problems" result from a fragmented personality and unseen false-self wounds. It also proposes that these wounds can be substantially reduced, once they're identified and accepted.

Professional counselors, therapists, coaches, clinical psychologists and social workers, and psychiatrists have a unique chance to alert their patients and clients to the lethal [wounds + unawareness] cycle and the proven technique of ''parts work.'' Many of the people they serve are already motivated to raise their awareness, free their true Self, and harmonize their personality subselves (Lesson 1).

Shifting traditional therapies towards "parts work" will take time. It will go faster if the people who train, certify, and hire mental-health (MH) professionals learn and experience parts-work benefits for themselves first. The nonprofit Center for Self Leadership trains lay people and professionals to do effective parts work.

MH professionals also have a unique opportunity to alert their patients, clients, and co-workers to the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and the topics in this unique self-study course - specially effective communication (Lesson 2) and healthy grief (Lesson 3).