Guidebook: Build an Effective Co-parenting Team

Typical stepfamilies have three or more co-parents (stepparents and bioparents) trying to (a) nurture one or more stepkids and each other, while they (b) merge their biofamilies. Often, role and relationship conflicts between ex mates, new mates, and minor and/or grown kids make co-parenting teamwork hard to achieve and maintain.

      Based on 36 years research and clinical experience with over 1,000 typical co-parents, this unique guidebook offers readers clear, practical options for achieving and keeping effective co-parenting teamwork over time, within current limits. This book is unique for five reasons compared to similar materials. It integrates the articles and worksheet of Lesson 7 in this nonprofit, divorce-prevention Web site, and offers specific strategies to reduce nine common teamwork barriers.

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