About Relationship Cut-offs

        Do you know two or more people who "don't speak to each other"? Such relationship cut-offs occur when one or both people (a) aren't aware they bear significant false-self wounds, and lack mutual-respect attitudes and effective com-munication skills. Therefore, they can't effectively identify and assert their primary needs and resolve conflicts with the other person, and they have lost hope that further attempts to do this can succeed. These conditions are common among peo-ple who haven't healed enough from low-nurturance child-hoods.

        Such burdened people often avoid relationship commit-ment, or divorce, and re/marry without admitting and reducing significant psychological barriers with ex mates, relatives, and some kids. Relationship cutoffs hinder new relationships and promote significant loyalty conflicts and relationship triangles. Each cause of relationship cutoffs (above) can be healed over time if both people choose to work patiently at applying the ideas in Lessons 1 thru 4 here           More detail