Stepfamily Reality 35 - Pleasing Everyone

      From childhood and social training, some co-parents - specially women - may feel compulsively responsible for "making a happy home." Because divorce and complex stepfamily mergers inevitably cause significant hurts, frustrations, disappointments, losses, and conflicts for years, "keeping everyone happy" is an unrealistic expectation. Over time, it can promote significant guilt, lower self respect, increase daily anxiety and frustration, and stress a re/marriage  - i.e. it can lower your family's nurturance level.  

      People who "can't help" feeling over-responsible are usually survivors of childhood neglect, abandonment, and abuse who are unaware of being dominated by a protective ''false self.''

      self-improvement Lesson 1 provides an effective way to empower an adult's true Self to guide and harmonize their personality and to  reduce excessive shame, guilt, and fears to normal levels.