Stepfamily Realities 56 & 57 - Stepfamily Support

        Typical co-parents find there is little effective stepfamily support available in their communities and the media. Typical clergy, counselors, teachers, attorneys, journalists, and law-enforcement and medical professionals lack informed training  in how to manage common stepfamily stressors. Their well-meant services may be ineffective or even harmful to new and troubled stepfamily members. Your community probably offers no effective support groups or classes for co-parents and kids. 

        As a family therapist and researcher, I've read over 40 lay and professional books and several hundred articles about stepfamilies since 1979. Most of them were superficial. anecdotal, and misinformed.  That's why I published these unique guidebooks.

        Many of my therapy clients and students have said "I've called all over the area, and couldn't find anyone who knew about stepfamilies, resources, or support programs!" Scores of other struggling couples have said "If only we'd known this (information) when we began!" Others say "Even if someone had told us about stepfamily realities, we wouldn't have believed it when we were dating." Neediness + denials + hope in action.

        This non-profit stress-prevention site offers experience-based suggestions on setting up an effective support group and/or class.