Stepfamily Realities 58-60: Odds of Re/divorce

      Almost half of recent U.S. first marriages have ended in legal divorce. Uncounted millions more rural and urban families suffer nurturance deprivation because of psychological divorce. Despite no Census validation, the media often states many authors and researchers estimate that over half of American re/marriages  - with or without prior children - fail within 10 years. Whatever the actual percentage, typical needy, unaware, love-dazed stepfamily couples appear to be at significant risk of committing to the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time. Few have the insight and courage to admit this until their and their kids' pain forces them to and they hit true bottom.

        From 36 years' professional research, I propose (a) widespread American divorcing-family and stepfamily stress comes from five preventable hazards; and (b) average co-parents can overcome these hazards together by working patiently together at these free Lessons.

        Across eras and cultures, stepfamilies have formed to fill adults' deep needs for procreation, refuge, nurturance, comfort, and companionship. They can nurture members just as well as healthy intact biofamilies if co-parents accept their stepfamily identity and what it means, and then work patiently together at applying these Lessons over many years. In the best case, this protects vulnerable descendants from the unintended bequest of unawareness and psychological wounds.