About Inner-family Therapy ("Parts Work")

     "Family therapy" is skilled intervention by a trained professional to (a) assess and (b) improve the functioning of adults and kids in a family. From 17 years' research, this site proposes that the personality of typical adults and kids is composed of individual subselves or parts which behave like a physical family, orchestra, or sports team. Each subself has different talents, goals, values, limitations, ways of communicating, and perceptions of each other and the world.

    Inner-family therapy ("parts work") uses proven family-sys-tems concepts and techniques to identify and reduce conflicts among these subselves, and raise the harmony and productivity of them all under the expert leadership of the resident true Self. This can reduce major inner wounds caused by low-nurturance childhoods - a major cause of relationship and family stress. Many average adults seem to be significantly wounded and don't know it. Lesson 1 here focuses on wound-assessment and reduction.

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