About Your Fetus / Infant Personality Subself

     Some researchers and clinicians who accept the reality of  normal personality subselves include an Inner Child who is developmentally an unborn fetus or a newborn infant. When activated, this subself may influence the host person via primitive emotions like undefined dis-comfort (emotional / physical needs) and/or contentment. Unlike other subselves the Fetus / Infant can't cause coherent thoughts and/or images for the host person - just primal emotional and/or physical feelings that the host adult can't coherently explain.

     When this primal subself  is significantly uncomfortable, one or more Guardian subselves may activate as they do with other reactive Inner Kids. It's hard to identify and interact with this subself because it can't communicate directly,. A useful strategy can be to ask other ar-ticulate subselves if they're aware of the Fetus / Infant - and if so, which Guardians are protecting her or him. Then the Nurturer and/or other caregiving subselves can seek natural ways to soothe and com-fort the Fetus / Infant when s/he feels "bad."

     Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides a framework for identi-fying and harmonizing your personality subselves over time.

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