About the Worrier Personality Subself

     Would you agree that some worrying is normal and useful, and exces-sive or constant worry can seriously distract from daily productivity and serenity? Do you know someone who worries excessively or all the time?

        Premise - normal personalities are composed of specialists (''sub-selves'') just like orchestras and sports teams. A universal (?) Guardian subself can be called the Worrier. Paradoxically, s/he relentlessly tries to help the host person by causing (a) major anxieties and (b) thoughts whose theme is "What if (something bad happens?")  Often the Worrier is activated by upset Inner children and/or tireless Inner Critic and Perfec-tionist subselves. This differs from similar protective behavior caused by the diligent Catastrophizer subself, who's mantra is "OmiGod, (the worst possible thing) will surely happen!"

        Subselves have limited knowledge and logic for fulfilling their person-ality roles. What seems frustrating or harmful to an objective observer seems helpful to Guardian subselves like the Worrier. Commonly, s/he (a) distrusts the resident wise true Self to manage daily affairs safely, and (b) insists that only by endlessly reviewing possible failures, misfortunes, and problems can the host person stay marginally safe enough.

        self-improvement Lesson 1 here provides a way of (a) safely identifying your subselves and their "jobs," (b) gradually harmonizing them to follow the ex-pert leadership of your resident Self (capital "S") and your Higher Power, and (c) manifesting your true life purpose. As this happens, Guardian sub-selves like the Worrier will switch to a more helpful personality role.

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