About Double ("Mixed") Messages

    These stressors occurs when a person says one thing, and their voice tone, face, and body "say" something different. The learnable skill of awareness reveals when this happens and what it causes. Double messages usually indicate the sender is unaware of (a) being ruled by a false self (b) sending opposing messages, (c) the im-pacts of these messages, and (d) how to reduce or stop them. If the receiver doesn't confront  the sender on the double message, s/he is probably wounded and unaware also.

        Typical semiconscious responses to double messages are confusion, frustration ("What do you really mean?"), and distrust in the sender. If repeated over time, these can become expectations that add to other communication blocks and inhibit filling both per-son's needs. Reduce mixed messages by committing to Lesson 1 (harmonize your personality subselves) and Lesson 2 (grow  seven communication skills).                                  More detail