Summary: Effective Assertion Steps

        Assertion is one of 7 essential communication skills. It is declaring what you feel or need in a way children and other adults can really hear you. Assertion can be preventive, confrontive, or "dodge-proof" praise. Al-ternatives to asserting are avoidance, submission, and aggression. Key steps to effective assertions are:

1) Put your true Self in charge

2) If you feel  "=/=" and clear on your personal Rights, then...

3) Dig down to primary needs; and state your request or demand clear-ly and directly, expecting resistances. If you feel 1-up or 1-down, abort your assertion or lower your expectations.

4)  Listen empathically to each re-sistance, then restate your need or opinion firmly and briefly.

5) Repeat asserting and listening until you fill your needs, run out of time, or change goals; and...

6) Option: at the end, appreciate yourself and your partner/s!

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